Core tasks

Interest representation

One of SSN’s core tasks is to look after the interests of the student sports community. SSN is committed to this at both national and international level. ‘Lobby’ has also become an important topic in the long-term policy plan.


On a national level, SSN is committed to defending the interests of the student sports in the Netherlands. We try to improve the position of sports and students and we try to get important themes on the national agenda. In addition, SSN also responds to national developments. SSN maintains good contact with its members to retrieve

information about the needs and possible issues that the local parties are dealing with


SSN has regular contact with various nationally important parties. For example, SSN periodically participates in the covenant consultations of ISO, in which many different youth representatives such as the LKvV are affiliated. In addition, there is regular contact with the Ministry of General Affairs and the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. Furthermore, SSN also maintains close contact with parties such as NJR and NOC*NSF.


For an extensive overview of our cooperation partners click here


SSN is a member of the European University Sports Association (EUSA) as well as the World Student Sports Federation: Féderation Internationale du Sports Universitaire (FISU).


As a discussion partner, SSN actively tries to put Dutch student sports on the international map. This by actively participating in meetings and events, attracting international events and participating in collaborations and projects with national student sports organizations from other countries.

You can also contribute!

If you would like to contribute to our interest representation, please contact us!

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